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Introducing Van der Gang Watches, High quality Watchmaking From The Lowlands

Van der Gang headquarters in the Frisian town of Dokkum.

There's something about horology and Holland. In the early days of watchmaking, Dutch mathematician Christiaan Huygens, inventor of the pendulum clock, was a contemporary of scientific giants like Isaac Newton and Robert Hooke, and has a place in the pantheon of the greats of horology.

The 20010 with power reserve and second time zone.

And while Holland never became a hub of industrialized watchmaking like Switzerland or parts of Germany, it is still the home of many important horological innovators ?watchmakers like Christiaan ven der Klaauw, the Grönefeld brothers, and perhaps less well known to most, Mr. Wybe Van der Gang.

Van der Gang is a relatively new player in the fake watch game, starting in the early 2000s and developing in house movements from 2008. But they certainly have what HR departments would call "transferrable skills" ?Van der Gang started making precisely engineered mechanical parts, aerospace, medical and military industries. So the exacting mechanical standards and fine tolerances that are de riguer in watchmaking are right up Van der Gang's alley.

The 20020 chronograph with moon phase.

Van der Gang made the shift to replica watches because he "always felt challenged to make increasingly finer products ?smaller and more complicated,?so replica watches seemed like a natural extension of Van der Gangs interest and skills. And so Van der Gang replica watches was born. They have relatively low production of around 150 replica watches per year, and range in price from around 5,000 euro to up to 25,000 euro for more complicated gold models.

Van der Gang's prototype perpetual calendar movement

The replica watches themselves are classic in styling ?whilst remaining contemporary. The foundation models are exactly what you'd hope to see from a newish fake watch company ?well designed and executed pieces that appeal to a broad audience and demonstrate the company's technical prowess without resorting to gimmickry. Case in point are Van der Gangs?in-house modules, nitrogen filled cases and what appear to be excellently constructed and finished cases. A further indication that these guys are a brand to keep on your radar are that they have been developing an in house perpetual calendar movement for the last eight years ?no small feat, and one that will hopefully see the light of day this year.

The 34mm 20031 triple date calendar with moon phase, from the ladies collection.

Van der Gang's most recent model is the 20044B, their interpretation of a classic "pilot" style fake watch ?a big and bold iteration of a classic, with enough points of difference to make it interesting in a crowded market. Hopefully this marks the basis of a second men's collection ?a sportier and more casual line.

20044Z 'Vlieger' fake watch with second time zone and AM/PM indicator and date.

While at the moment the name Van der Gang is not widely known, it's one that bears remembering. They're a serious outfit with the production and design capacity to make them the next big thing out of the lowlands.

For more, visit the Van der Gang website.

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