Little bit more about Yosep Lee

I can tell you a lot more about myself, if you want


I have been studying blockchain since late 2017. Recently, I've been working on a blockchain consensus protocol based on proof of reputation. I also created a decision-making process for decentralized autonomous organization.

Backend Development

I am an experienced backend engineer. I used to work with SpringMVC to build a web application for a government dementia facility. Recently, I've been implementing my own blockchain platform for research purposes with go and grpc.


Brewing coffee, playing musical instruments, baseball, and watching movies are some of my hobbies. They don’t only help me to relieve stress but also provide great opportunities to connect with people.



What colleagues say

a leader, multi-talented person, and software engineer who has concrete knowledge and exceptional communication skills.
Junil Hwang

Junil Hwang

Fullstack Developer

"I worked with him from 2017 to 2019 and he was a great team leader. He always showed great effort and often sacrificed himself for the team. He was also a good and knowledgeable software engineer."

Keith Shin

Keith Shin


"He is definitely a multi-talented person in art, design, science, engineering, and business. He can create fabulous output across different fields. As a designer, I feel really comfortable talking with him."

Insu Jo

Insu Jo

Data Scientist

"He is a good communicator. I always feel like he knows how to start a conversation in any situation that he faces. I'm sometimes jealous at how confidently he can express his opinion to professors."